A simple, yet powerful combination of hydrogen and oxygen and the basis for all life on Earth. Our planet consists of 70 per cent water and so do our bodies. But water is much more than a physical necessity, it also holds the key for our cultural development as a species. Throughout all human history the mere presence of fresh water dictated which cultures would thrive and which would lag behind.

That’s why we, at ASPRING team, see it as our mission to dig deeper in what water has to offer and present you with a truly unique product that’s purified and enriched by nature. SILVER TABLE WATER originates from (and it’s bottled in) an ECO region in central Bulgaria, far away from any heavy industry and pollution.

Antibacterial Effect

The main focus of our work is on our proprietary high-pulse SILVER ionization technology (or HPS). HPS allows us to bombard our water with high volume of silver ions, putting us way ahead of any competitors, in a league of our own.

Using ASPRING’s SILVER ionization technology creates an anti-bacterial environment, protection of the DNA within cells, anti-germ effect, prevents the development of bacteria, long-term disinfection and prevention from a recurrence, as well as cleansing without osmosis, chlorine, UV rays and other unfavourable methods for disinfection. In combination with the rest of the systems, you receive a truly unique healthy product.

Enrichment via Zeolith

The water is filtered, using Zeolith. Zeolith is a mineral of many benefits, one of which is bettering the water's taste and smoothness. In addition, the Zeolith's mineral structure wards off substances of unfavorable qualities, thus hightening the water's quality.

At the same time Zeolith aids the release of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium ions in the water – all of them are extremely beneficial to our health and are involved in numerous reactions in the body.

Detox via Active Charcoal

Our mission is water of rich taste and pure quality, a lifestyle choice that brings everyday health benefits. For this reason, we have carefully selected all the elements part of the purification and filtration system.

The active charcoal is a natural carbon material, which purifies water by taking out toxins, chlorine, heavy metals, organic material and odours. Unlike other widely used purification methods, the method we use has no negative impact on the quality of the water.

A Force of Nature

Water is life! This popular phrase is not used for no reason. Our body and every chemical reaction in it requires H2O. A simple rule. However, it becomes complicated because we need not just any water, we need water with a quality matching our unique human needs!

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The parameters of water have to have the right pH values, anions and cations. A neutral pH in the range of 7.2 and 8 would be ideal, with water between 7.2 and 7.8 being most easily absorbed by the body. The water should be cleansed of heavy metals, toxins, organic materials, calk, chlorine, fluoride and dangerous nitrates, while at the same time, calcium, magnesium, natrium and iron should be preserved. Only systems that preserve the water’s purity and structure must be used. That is why we at ASPRING, created a one of a kind SILVER TABLE WATER with remarkable quality and structure. Enjoy!

Ag< 0,101 NO2< 0,02 μg/l Be< 0,001
Ca< 0 SO4250 Cd< 0,001
Mg< 15,2 Cl< 5 Cu< 0,003
K< 0,82 F< 0,1 Pb< 0,002
Na< 8,1 Al< 0,008 Li< 0,003
NO3< 7 As< 0,005 Fe< 0,11

Rejuvenating Effect

We use our special technology to treat the water so that it maximizes absorption and overall health impact on the human body. A special blend of semi-precious gems and minerals enrich the water and help its structure for easy absorption and stronger rejuvenating effect on the skin and body.

Our system influences the water and helps it to become more biologically active, thus stimulating the energy flow in our bodies which results in improvement of all healing functions.

The Process



The process starts with passing the water through various mechanical filters with different micron permeability.



Our vortex system simulates the natural processes through which water goes in the wild.



We've created a special instrument that removes the limestone from the water, without the use of any additives.


activated charcoal

The water is passed through our automatic charcoal system that filters out any odors, toxins, chlorine, heavy metals and organic particles.



The process continues with a silver ionization module. This unique process eliminates any microorganisms and bacteria.


enrichment with
zeolith and shungit

The next step is passing the water through our Zeolite and Shungit purification and enrichment system.


the effects of semi-
precious minerals

The water then stays in contact with a specially selected combination of semi-precious minerals from the quartz group.



The process is concluded with our system for restructuring the water ions using powerful magnets.


The Idea

In striving to improve the cleansing methods for drinking water, our team made an unpleasant discovery – most of the drinking water is being cleansed with synthetic chemicals/substances and methods, which drastically change the original structure of the water. By doing so, the resulting drinking water might have a negative impact on the human body.

In lieu of this finding we focused on further developing methods not only for naturally purifying the water, but also for enriching it for additional health benefits.

The Company

As a young company, founded in 2014, we at ASPRING have a simple goal: water of rich taste and pure quality, a lifestyle choice that brings everyday health benefits.

The company has all certificates and permits from Bulgarian government and accredited laboratories to bottle and produce water under SILVER TABLE WATER brand.

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